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Fulfillment by Amazon

Customs Clearance. It’s what we do.

FBA Canadian Customs Clearance

Focus on growing your business while we focus on processing your imports. Whether they arrive by ocean, air or land, your products are in good hands with Cole International.

Keeping your products on the move is simple. Here’s how it works:

Enroll in the Amazon FBA Program online and understand your responsibilities
Arrange transportation with a freight company
Prepare your shipment for a designated FBA Center
Package your goods and generate your FBA shipment labels
Complete your customs documentation with handling instructions that notify us for customs clearance
Now you are ready to go! Email us the tracking information and customs documentation

FBA Vendor Requirements

As an FBA vendor in Canada, you must register as a Non-Resident Importer (NRI) and pay all applicable brokerage fees, duties and GST/HST. You also require a CBSA importer number. Before products can go into Amazon’s facility, you must pay all import duties, taxes, customs brokerage fees and shipping charges – that is, you must supply goods on terms DDP (Delivery Duty Paid).

ColePac small parcel delivery (USA-Canada)

If you’re a North American FBA vendor, simply ship your products to a Cole International USA warehouse and leave the rest to us! Our ColePac solution for small parcel imports alleviates customs reporting problems, shipment delays and delivery refusals in the courier direct delivery stream while giving FBA vendors direct control over their packages throughout the import process

Immediately upon receipt at our Cole International USA warehouse, your FBA shipment is processed for import clearance, transported cross-border and forwarded to your designated FBA center. How easy is that?

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