U.S. Customs Brokerage

Importing into U.S.

Cross the border with confidence

Moving your goods from their point origin to their final destinations without needless, unexpected and often costly delays is crucial to your company's success. Cole International accelerates your shipments through the customs process and minimizes the supply chain disruptions that can otherwise delay your shipments and cost you money.

With offices at strategic points along the U.S. Northern Border, plus National Permit and Remote Location Filing in all commercial ports of entry across the U.S.,

we provide our customers with what they expect (and deserve) from a customs broker: timely, efficient and cost-effective service that's simply unsurpassed! 

Gap Period
Project Management

Have an anti-dumping (ADD) or countervailing duty (CVD) case pending? Facing increased costs to import in the near future? We can help.

Cole has saved clients millions in duties with strategic gap period entries. Whether it’s working with bonded warehouses and foreign trade zones (FTZ), or arranging the timely arrival of freight to U.S. territory, Cole International works around the clock on the complex logistical and Customs challenges critical to gap period timelines.

Each gap period project is unique, requiring a personalized and involved preparation of time-sensitive documentation and freight flow.

We understand the skillful coordination, careful oversight, and proactive troubleshooting necessary for a successful gap period project.

Want to understand the U.S. import process better?

Check out these easy to follow Infographics, where we break down the logistics language!


Ports of clearance with local offices

  • Blaine, Washington
  • Sweetgrass, Montana
  • Portal, North Dakota
  • Pembina, North Dakota
  • Port Huron/Detroit, Michigan
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Champlain, New York
National Permit and Remote Location Filing at all Commercial Ports of Entry.