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Canada implements stricter measures for elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn trade. Canada will further limit the ability to transport all elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn across Canadian borders

Tribunal finds dumping/subsidizing of certain wind towers from China injure Canadian industry. Finding excludes towers imported for installation in energy projects located west of the Ontario Manitoba border

Tribunal maintains injury finding on copper pipe fitting from Vietnam. The Trade Tribunal says resumption of dumping and subsidizing would result in injury to Canadian industry

Modifications to GPT, LDCT, and CCCT preferential tariffs to be implemented in 2025. Changes to eligible countries, eligible goods and rules of origin will come into force in January 2025

Notice of retroactive assessments: Concrete reinforcing bar originating in or exported from the Republic of Turkey. The CBSA has determined that retroactive assessments using the normal values determined for subject goods released into Canada from July 2021 to August 2022 could be required in some cases

CETA origin quota utilization tables 2023. The Utilization levels for certain items have been updated

Textiles and Clothing - CUSMA Weekly Stats - Export/Import - Preference Level Utilization - Utilization levels have been updated


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