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CBSA concludes re-investigation of values of oil country tubular goods and seamless casing from China. Revised amounts could change the rates of anti-dumping / countervailing duty payable on imports

CBSA and CBP are reopening NEXUS enrolment centres at Canadian airports. Customs authorities are reopening of NEXUS enrollment centers at eight Canadian airports by Spring 2023

Canada removes COVID-19 testing for air travellers arriving from China, Hong Kong or Macao. This means that there will no longer be any federal COVID-19 border measures in place

Electronic Heated Tobacco Products. Customs Notice 23-07 announces an amendment to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff

Oil country tubular goods and seamless casing  from China - Linzhou Fengbao Pipe Industry. Conclusion of expedited review - normal values and an amount of subsidy

Importing and handling invertebrates in Canada for personal or commercial purposes. As a precaution, the CFIA only allows the import or handling of these organisms under containment conditions and for special purposes such as research or exhibition

Export of fish and seafood to the European Union – CFIA updated certificate request form

Japan: Export inspection for bark on logs effective May 15, 2023. Japan has implemented a requirement for all shipments of bark on logs to be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate effective August 5, 2023

Textiles and Clothing - CUSMA Weekly Stats - Export/Import - Preference Level Utilization - Utilization levels have been updated

CETA origin quota utilization tables 2023. The Utilization levels for certain items have been updated


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