Freight Forwarding

Keep your goods – and your business – on the move.

Expediting International and Domestic Shipments

Faced with the ever-changing global marketplace and the increasing challenges of navigating it, importers and exporters require a skilled and experienced freight forwarder to keep their goods on the move. With a broad base of air freight forwarding and ocean freight forwarding experience, Cole International provides supply chain solutions with personalized customer service.

By using a wide variety of reputable carriers, Cole International finds the equipment best suited to our customers’ needs and acts as our customers’ expediter and traffic department. Our experience in all modes of international and domestic transportation allows us to create optimum supply chain solutions. That’s why so many importers and exporters make Cole International their freight forwarding partner.

Worldwide Freight Forwarders Network - Our global freight forwarding capacity

To provide worldwide coverage for our clients’ freight-forwarding needs, Cole International is partnered with MarcoPolo Line (MPL) – an alliance of independent freight forwarders who have come together as a structured global entity. Based in Italy, MPL includes more than 300 companies in 90+ countries.

As a member of the MPL network, Cole International is represented globally with offices strategically located worldwide, allowing us to offer our clients responsive, comprehensive and fully customized freight forwarding services.

Want to understand the transportation world even more?

Check out our easy to follow infographics, where we break down the logistics language!


Warehousing & Logistics

Coordinating customized warehousing solutions for a vast variety of clients and businesses, we have the know-how to assist importers, exporters and local companies with all their third-party warehousing and distribution needs.

Canadian Services

  • Consolidation & Cross-docking: Looking for quick and reliable 'break bulk' services? Cole International can arrange to break down shipments of any size into smaller shipments and then process those shipments for immediate delivery by any number of couriers or freight companies.
  • Reverse Logistics After-sales: Keeping your company as profitable as possible depends on unmatched strength in every link of your supply chain, including moving goods from their 'final' destinations for proper disposal or to recapture value.
  • Full EDI Capability: Cole International has always embraced the latest technologies to improve the caliber of our customer service. Our sophisticated Electronic Data Interchange system ensures seamless communication with our customers and their customers.

 U.S. Services

  • Export Crating: No matter the size or type of shipment, Cole International will crate, pack and prepare your goods for safe, secure and fully protected transport by air, ocean or ground.
  • Deconsolidation & Cross-docking • Rather than shipping internationally from Canada to clients in the U.S., we offer the option of shipping consolidated loads from Canada across the border to our U.S. facilities. We then deconsolidate and deliver the individual shipments to your end consumers around the U.S..
  • Flexible Storage Solutions • From bulk storage for stackable cargo to racking system storage for smaller items, Cole International has storage solutions that fit your needs.
  • Consolidation (ColePac and ColeCargo) • We will receive shipments from all around the U.S., consolidate them into single cross-border shipments, and arrange delivery from our facility to your location in Canada.

If you are looking for freight forwarders with…

  • A single point of contact and rapid response times
  • Infrastructure to handle your needs
  • Rate and service solutions
  • Online client portals
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Experience planning a wide scope of shipments
  • The ability to handle all your customs, freight forwarding and consulting needs

…then Cole International can help.