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Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens will be allowed to enter Canada as of August 9. Starting September 7 Canada's borders will reopen to all fully vaccinated travellers

U.S. extends border restrictions with Canada and Mexico to August 21. The measures do not affect trade and the international transport of goods is allowed

Wheat and barley tariff rate quotas reopen on August 1, 2021. Quotas for wheat, barley, wheat products and barley products covered by the Import Control List

WTO takes important steps towards global trade rules for sustainable fishing. Negotiations on unsustainable fisheries subsidies have been ongoing for nearly 20 years

Used automobiles, motor vehicles, boats, and other vessels. Memorandum D13-10-2 has been amended to update the policy concerning the sources that may be relied on in determining value for duty for used vehicles and boats under the residual method

Certification program for certain forage product produced in Canada for export to Japan and the Republic of Korea (CFIA Directive D-08-01): Certification program for heat-treated/dehydrated shredded or chopped forage products of or containing Hessian Fly (Mayetiola destructor (Say)) host material produced in Canada for export to Japan and the Republic of Korea. (June 3, 2021 Third Revision)

Update to approved propagative grapevine material from France. Grapevine rootstock or variety/clone produced under France's CFIA-accepted certification program may be imported from France

Textiles and Clothing Free Trade Agreements Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2021 Imports - Utilization levels have been updated to July 20, 2021

Textiles and Clothing - CUSMA Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2021 Exports - Utilization levels have been updated to July 20, 2021

CETA origin quota utilization tables 2021. The Utilization levels for certain items have been updated to 2021-07-20


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