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Calgary Freight Forwarders

Our Calgary freight forwarders are your trusted partners to move your commodities safely and on time. We minimize the risks associated with importing and exporting your goods and accelerate the transport of goods across the Canada/US border.

Here are the key industries we serve and the most common service requests we receive at this location:

Industries/Commodities Served

  • Oil & Gas - equipment, machinery, engines, turbines, generators, pipes, tools, testing equipment, small parts, samples for testing.
  • Mining – coal powder
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive – farming and manufacturing vehicles
  • Health & Safety – military equipment, disaster relief and flood control, scientific instrumentation
  • Most frequent commodities moved: pumps, valves, building products, golf carts and supplies, automobile and machine parts

Services Commonly Requested

  • Freight – imports & exports
  • Over-dimensional moves in North America – houses, reels/rigs, building transport
  • Studies for logistic planning
  • Crating, fabricating specific dunnage for loading into containers, on flatbeds and the like (or referring to the proper companies)
  • Palletized, LTL freight – sporting goods, gaming supplies, tools, etc.
  • Documentation preparation
  • Customizable reporting functions

Trust Cole International to navigate the complexities of the international logistics landscape for all your air and ocean freight forwarding needs. Call us today and see how we can help keep your business on the move.


Calgary Freight
Forwarding Services

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