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Agriculture Industry


We have a positive working relationship with Customs

Commodity prices. Weather patterns. The price of fuel and the cost of fertilizer. In the agricultural sector, isn’t there enough to worry about without worrying about the ins and outs of shipping produce or farming equipment?

Whether you’re a farmer or a broker, you have more pressing things to deal with than trying to figure out if you’ve satisfied CFIA’s requirements, whether you need to obtain an FDA registration number or how to get set up to cross at ‘permit ports’ of entry. You don’t have time to deal with the nuances of grain shipment valuations or the need to amend ‘estimated weights and values’ entries once transactions are completed – a vital step to avoid Customs penalties. And whether it’s better to file individual Post Summary Corrections or consider applying for a U.S. Customs reconciliation program – well, that’s likely a question you’d rather leave to the experts.

Minimize upfront costs
of duties and taxes

Of course, if you’re a manufacturer or importer of agricultural machinery such as conveyors, grain bins, tractors and so on, your questions – and the potential headaches – are quite different. To minimize both the up-front costs of duties and taxes and down-the-road penalties for errors, inaccuracies and noncompliance, you undoubtedly have product-specific technical questions. “Does this item qualify for NAFTA or any other free trade agreements?” “Could I be eligible for duty drawbacks?” “Is this product potentially subject to the Special Import Measures Act and the anti-dumping duty that it specifies?”

If you’re like most, you’d probably welcome some sound and reliable customs advice to help keep your business running smoothly…and to keep it clearly out of harm’s way on the compliance front.

Growing relationships in the Ag industry. It’s what we do.

Headquartered at the epicentre of Canada’s agricultural industry,
Cole International – a leading provider of customs and logistics services – has been cultivating a bumper crop of ag industry knowledge and experience for more than 55 years.

Beyond our ever-expanding presence along the Canada/U.S. (including all major Canada/U.S. border crossings), Cole International has strong representation on the Canadian prairies (with nine offices in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) and in the American Midwest (with two North Dakota branches and another in northern Montana).

Cole International’s people have a solid working knowledge of the ag business – much of it first-hand, as several of our employees have direct experience in the agricultural industry. And we’re diligent in our efforts to stay up-to-date on market developments, opportunities, regulatory changes and potential obstacles and to sustain the high level of technical knowledge vital to supporting our ag sector customers.

We also enjoy strong working relationships with both the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (In fact, our local FDA officers have provided us with their direct e-mail addresses and phone numbers so we can get prompt answers whenever questions or issues arise.)

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