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Since our inception in Thunder Bay, Ontario in the 1920s, Cole International has continued to grow by listening to our customers. Our offices are strategically located throughout Canada and the U.S., including all major Canada/ U.S. border crossings, which means you and your goods will never be stranded.

Whenever you are ready to ship, our highly skilled team of customs brokers and freight forwarders are ready to ensure your goods are classified, compliant and cleared efficiently to keep your goods on the move.

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Partner with experience

In everything we do, the experience that comes with being in business for as long as we have means we’ve seen and handled every conceivable issue (so far!)

Over thirty years before Cole International became the company it is today, originating founder Horace W. Robinson taught himself to do his own customs paperwork. Since then, this initiative has evolved into a deeply knowledgeable customs compliance unit. Highly trained and certified beyond the minimum industry standards, our team is versed in everything from the history of tariffs to how to select the HS code for the shoes you’re importing. If you need cost-effective moving and warehousing solutions, we’ve got those too. Our vast network of air, ocean and land freight forwarders make sure your goods move securely—and swiftly.

Customs Brokerage

From navigating customs paperwork in the 1920s, before free trade in North America was even a thought, to helping customers sail the stormy seas of heavy regulations and increased tariff and duty complexity in the 1980s, Cole International’s customs brokerage services have evolved at the pace of global industry. Our team balances complexity with personalized customer service and rapid response times. With a present informed by our history, our customs brokers are prepared to personally handle even the most obscure customs solutions you may face (and we probably already have!)

Freight Forwarding

Cole International had its finger on the pulse of freight forwarding as early as the 1960s, which brought a rise in air and ocean shipping. Having laid down the groundwork of putting offices in strategic locations and acquiring companies that complemented our services, we were primed to expand our services. Thus, in the 1980s, our Freight Forwarding department was born. Our experience with all modes of international and domestic transportation ensures you have optimum supply chain solutions just a phone call away. Let our worldwide freight forwarders’ network keep your goods on the move—and your mind at ease.

Trade Consulting

Since day one, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to get things moving for our customers. After years of listening and responding to our customer’s needs, solutions are in our DNA. Whether it’s an analysis of your operations to determine risks and opportunities or creating solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs, our consulting team is ready to help.

Delivering creative solutions since the early 20th century

Breaking down transportation barriers and moving your business forward.


Cole International has been the best customs broker that we have had in our 40+ years being in the high end car industry. They provide fast, friendly, knowledgeable service and are very responsive to all of our company's customs needs. We ship by air, sea, and road throughout the world. They have been a light in the customs brokerage storm

- Donna T, Sarnia

Find the Cole International solution you need and grow your own education in the process.

Logistics, compliance, and large-scale projects are heavy in complexity—but you don’t need to carry that weight. Cole International’s blog is designed to help you break down what can feel like overwhelming information into bite-size pieces for you to digest at your own pace.

Whether you want to stay in the loop with our monthly freight updates or take the confusion out of CARM, our blog has you covered. Wondering about HS classification or your role as importer? We explain those and more. And if you don’t have time to read, catch our Blog Bites on YouTube.

We believe an excellent partner will always give you access to the information you need.

Our blog and trade news are just a few ways for us to help you stay informed and increase your knowledge. And when it comes to logistics, a little knowledge goes a long way.

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It's what we do.

Your company is never just a number at Cole International. We wouldn’t be here without our customers. Our proactive approach revolves around making your job—and your life—easier.
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Check your PARS/PAPS status on your mobile device...
Cole Carriers is a tracking app that allows Cole International clients and carriers to obtain up-to-the minute information on their customs clearance status.
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