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Customs Brokerage

Partner with experience and move your business forward

Customs complexity
is in our DNA

1920s Canada was a time before free trade agreements and there was very little understanding of how to effectively move goods over the border. Because of this, Cole International’s founder, Horace W. Robinson, took it upon himself to learn how to complete the necessary paperwork. Fast forward to present day, and our customs brokerage services remain integral—and invaluable to our customers.  

Now, because we’ve been around as long as we have, there’s nothing our customs brokers haven’t seen—and our services reflect continued leadership in logistics. Let us help you reduce the risks associated with importing and exporting goods so you can move your goods across the Canada/U.S. border faster, and with ease.

Need service in Canada or the U.S.? Our offices are located in all major Canadian cities and strategically at key Canada/ U.S. border crossings, so we always have eyes on your shipment.

Looking for experience? Over half a century in business translates to over several hundred hours of combined employee experience, allowing us to confidently say: We’ve got you covered. 

A legacy of excellence

We’ve been entrenched in the logistics landscape for the better part of a century, and a century that has seen remarkable technological advancement. We moved goods when there was no free trade and only a few trucks on the roads, and continued moving goods throughout changes in Customs, increased regulations, and major advances in logistics technology.

Along the way, we’ve invested in maintaining a team who are educated and certified above and beyond the industry standard.

Keeping our team on the leading edge of education and certification is key to your success.

Many customs brokers maintain the minimum number of licensed employees in their brokerage, which is one!

Here’s how our team measures up:

of our team of customs brokers are Certified Customs Specialists (CCS)
of our Canadian brokerage operations staff are designated professional, licensed brokers
of our entire staff team (including branch management, Technical Service Reps (TSRs) and support staff) are also Certified Customs Specialists
of our Canadian brokerage operations staff have achieved their Canadian Trade Compliance Specialist designation

In contrast to the policies for brokerage in other nations, Canada’s rigorous licensing and examination requirements mean all of our CCS-certified staff have been licensed and recognized by the CBSA. High levels of certified staff ensures our skilled and qualified team always has its finger on the pulse of industry and Customs news, so you won’t miss a beat.

We’ve got you covered

  • Resolve issues quickly - Our offices on both sides of the Canada/ U.S. border ensure your shipments are never stranded.
  • Proactive solutions - Proactive communication on releases and compliance means you don’t have to play defense with Customs.
  • Know where your goods are - A single point of contact and rapid response times means we’re moving with you.
  • Don’t sweat the details - Let our in-depth knowledge of rate of duty and tariff classification ensure your goods are appropriately classified the first time.
  • Comprehensive assistance all in one place - We’re not just a customs broker. Cole International is here to handle all your customs, freight forwarding and logistic needs.

Get it right the first time

Almost a century of experience in customs brokerage means we’ve learned a lot.

Leverage the knowledge of our customs brokers to find not just any solution, but the right solution for your company. Whether importing or exporting goods to Canada or the U.S. we’re just a phone call away.