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Imports from Free Trade Countries made easy

Cole International’s complete customs brokerage solutions cover your shipments to and from anywhere in North America, including Mexico – and beyond.

When you import goods from other countries, the convoluted, multi-layered complexities of Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s), including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), can seem an overwhelming obstacle to your business. Relax – Cole International is very well versed in the ins and outs of all free trade agreements and especially the NAFTA Agreement, and we’ll guide you smoothly through the complicated compliance process.

As our clients have identified the need for assistance not only with NAFTA but with all of Canada’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), we recently expanded our NAFTA Department to become the International Trade Department.

A Free Trade Agreement allows you to compete on a more level playing field with businesses in the FTA partner country. By identifying, soliciting and verifying the countries that are now part of FTAs with Canada, we can help minimize free trade exceptions and reduce or eliminate tariffs payable on the goods you import.

Canada has free trade agreements with more than 10 countries and is in negotiations with more than 60 countries, including some of the world’s key markets. It is important to note that each FTA covers different industry sectors and contains different provisions, depending on the FTA partner.

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True to our comprehensive, proactive, full-service approach, Cole International will:

  • Update your database to ensure correct application of the Free Trade Agreement
  • Maintain certificates to prevent duplication and minimize exposure
  • Identify potential refunds on qualifying goods
  • Provide detailed, customized reports
  • Review suppliers’ certificates and seek corrective action where required
  • Provide full technical support for clients and vendors.

Have you established your "Plan B" for NAFTA?If you import or export goods under the North American Free Trade Agreement, it might be time for some contingency planning!

While no one knows for sure what's going to happen with NAFTA, the very real possibility of a U.S. withdrawal makes contingency planning a very real imperative.

For any company whose business currently depends on NAFTA, it's possible - and prudent - to be fully prepared in case the 24-year-old trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico is dissolved.

To ensure your company is prepared, Cole International will prepare a North American Trade Brief - a comprehensive, fully customized analysis of the financial impacts and cost impediments across your supply chain that NAFTA termination would cause.

The Trade Brief will shed light on potential duties without NAFTA, provide diversification remedies to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing and sales, and examine landed costs and transportation options for a future without NAFTA.

Benefits of Cole International's North American Trade BriefWhile the Trade Brief tackles head-on the impact of NAFTA termination, its benefits extend much deeper into your business and your supply chain:

  • Heighten awareness of your supply chain's inner workings and its opportunities for improvement
  • Understand fully the financial impacts of applicable duties
  • Reevaluate your landed costs
  • Review tariff classifications and end uses (if applicable)
  • Reveal new outsourcing options
  • Reevaluate manufacturing practices
  • Analyze and optimize transportation costs
  • Diversify to other Free Trade Agreements
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