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Comprehensive Large-Scale
Project Planning

Any size, anywhere…
your project is in good hands.

As a full-service logistics provider, we know the challenges facing any large-scale move.

Over-dimensional, overweight, multiple-load and high-value project cargo requires coordinated transport and customs compliance and clearance. Success starts with the essentials: partnering with an experienced and proven company and being proactive—not reactive–throughout the process.

Even the most adept logistics team meets their match every so often. When you have a major project move, you have zero margin for error. The history of Cole International is a history of responding quickly to our customer’s needs. We’ve seen a thing or two in our decades of experience, and our knowledge of the logistics landscape and its dynamic regulatory complexities.

We stay connected throughout the entire project timeline, and our skill in coordination and communication—not to mention our decades-long relationship with the CBSA—means no detail slips through the cracks.

The combined experience of our Project Logistics team is staggering.

coordinating large-scale moves
500,000 lbs
heaviest units we’ve moved
longest units we’ve moved
$3 million
highest project investment
in the logistics industry
$97 billion
total construction value of projects we’ve assisted with over the past half-century

The know-how you need, from kickoff to completion

Cole International has been in the logistics business a long time–long enough to develop a deep understanding of what it takes to make complex project logistics look easy.

What to expect when you partner with us:

  • No move is the same – we apply a unique strategy for your unique move
  • A fully customized, hands-on approach
  • Flexibility, creativity and insight with planning and management throughout each project move phase
  • Skillful coordination of moving parts
  • Careful oversight during every phase
  • Proactive troubleshooting by people who have seen (and successfully dealt with) every conceivable issue

Why partner with us?

When it comes to large-scale moves, partnering with Cole International means partnering with transparent communication across multiple departments.

Why does this matter?

We work in the best interest of both importers and engineering firms. When our freight team is working with you –whether directly or with your Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) firm–our customs team is also communicating with you or the EPC. In other words, we keep customs compliance intact throughout the whole project, regardless of whether you have an in-house customs and compliance team.

Complex shipments require a coordinated, collaborative approach

Partnering with us gives you a fully invested Project Logistics team. From planning to execution to post-delivery support, our team stays in constant communication, always available with accountability and strategic guidance when you need it.

Project Move Phases

Because our team is a combination of both freight and customs professionals, we have not only the experience but also the comprehensive know-how needed at every stage of any large-scale move. Our experience over the decades has proven time and again that a successful project always starts with involving our teams at the very beginning of your move.

How we ensure your success from Day 1

Phase 1: Planning

Step 1: Define project scope and requirements
Working together with the EPC companies/importers/ owner of the goods, we establish the project scope and determine what will be needed.

Phase 2: Execution

Step 1: Coordinating break-bulk shipments by land, air, rail, sea
Equipment or goods that are oversized or tedious to break down can benefit from break-bulk shipping. This is a common method used to transport goods like this that do not fit into standard-size shipping containers. We assist you (as the importer) or the EPC in making arrangements to send the item in its entirety rather than break down the product to fit into a container or bin.

Phase 3: Troubleshooting

With our extensive pre-planning process, we are able to avoid most foreseeable pitfalls. However, thanks to our longevity in the industry, troubleshooting is among our strengths and our history gives us a huge breadth of experience from which to pull solutions. In the event of unanticipated obstacles, we work with your team to determine suitable solutions. Any cost escalations, timeline delays or other impacts on your projects are discussed with transparency. Once we have finalized the solution together, our team then implements it.

Understanding that every project is unique and has different needs, we are fully capable of tapping the right resources and people to collaborate with your team as well as providing services that could be limited in nature, required only for the select duration of time.

Phase 4: Delivery and Closing

Just because your goods have landed doesn’t mean you’re done–yet. Cole International arranges for through-transport from the arrival port/ airport/ dock/ terminal or rail spur. Timelines are then coordinated between delivery carriers and site receivers. Site receivers are notified of any changes in timelines in real time, and any required changes to site-receiving plans are taken into account for new delivery timelines. Once delivery is completed,

Once the project is delivered and completed, post-delivery discussions are conducted in order to understand how we can improve on the next delivery. A full project debrief is also conducted, including all team members who were involved in pre-planning, so we can continue to iterate and improve on our processes.

We quarterback your move from start to finish

When it comes to large-scale moves, communication between all parties is essential. Working as one unified team on your project, our freight department liaises with our customs and compliance consultants to keep you in the know and your goods on the move.

Partnering with us means:

  • A fully customized, hands-on approach to your move - Every project is unique, so every logistics strategy should be, too.
  • Saving money on duty - Our team’s knowledge of duty rates for goods sourced around the world works in your favour, every time.
  • Accurate tariff classification - Our customs and compliance team know the ins and outs of tariff classification so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Proactive shipment visibility - We track your goods so we –and you—are first to know the moment they arrive.
  • Keeping your large-scale goods moving seamlessly - We collaborate with your engineering firm to clear your goods quickly so they can continue on their way.