CBSA Assessment and
Revenue Management (CARM)

Basic features of CARM

Most of CARM’s key features have been established and will be part of the new CARM Client Portal (CCP).

With the implementation of the CCP, all importers will be required to register for access to the portal and participate in managing their customs activities and profiles in closer coordination with customs brokers and other service providers.

Primary features of the CCP

Account management
  • All importers will be required to self-manage access to their profile in the secure CCP site by delegating authority to their employees, customs broker/s, or other service providers, to allow them to manage specific tasks within the portal.

The development and release of this new program is on a very rapid timeline.  Although design and policy have not yet been finalized by CBSA, the agency has released information about many of CARM’s upcoming features, requirements, and functions. 

Keep in mind these may be subject to some change before the full program launches. Please visit this site regularly or subscribe to our CARM Updates.

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