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Making e-commerce easy.

In today’s global marketplace and highly dynamic economy, starting an eCommerce business seems like no big deal. But making it profitable and keeping it going…that’s something else altogether.

To gain and maintain a competitive edge in today’s ever-evolving, intensely competitive eComm environment, minimizing overheads, maximizing efficiencies and shrewdly pricing your products are business imperatives.

Minimized duties and taxes.

As duties and taxes can rapidly erode profit margins that are already lean, you’re eager to minimize duties up front and, wherever possible, reclaim duties and taxes paid by filing corrections to your declarations. You want clear answers and, at times, binding rulings about HS classifications. You want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of free trade agreements and any customs regulations that work to your advantage. To avoid any penalties that can be a big financial blow to your business, you want the peace of mind that you’re fully compliant with all of the current Customs rules and regulations.

And in keeping with the digital world you do business in, you need robust, fully integrated systems. No bugs, no service interruptions and, most important of all, no paper!

Beyond the nitty-gritty of product imports, you may want to grow your business, and you certainly want to keep it running as efficiently as possible. This might call for a strategic rethinking of certain import processes or even your entire supply chain – a daunting measure, especially if you don’t have the required expertise in-house.

And then there’s the worry and the “what now?” of finding yourself in the midst of a Customs audit…

Making imports easy.
It’s what we do.

Cole International has been helping customers in the retail sector navigate the customs and logistic landscape for over half a century, and we’ve been service retail’s eCommerce counterparts for as long as companies have been selling goods online. Through collaboration with our customers and a never-ending quest to lead our industry in both technical knowledge and common sense, we’ve got the tools, the strategies and the know-how to help our eComm customers succeed.

The value we provide to our clients goes far beyond transporting their goods and clearing them through Customs.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure accurate classifications, valuations and country-of-origin determinations.

Our refund and drawback efforts frequently net lucrative paybacks for our customers.We’ve been highly successful in obtaining favourable rulings for our customers. (For example, on behalf of a large retailer, we presented a case to CITT and successfully reduced a product’s duty classification from 18% to ‘duty free’.) We’ve applied our knowledge and our influence to overturn U.S. and Canadian Customs decisions and mitigate substantial penalties. And we apply our deep industry knowledge to help our customers stay compliant and minimize the impacts of Customs audits.

Of particular importance to our eCommerce customers are our electronic capabilities. Cole International is fully EDI equipped; our flexible platform integrates seamlessly with our customers’ eCommerce systems (and we have the resources in-house to ensure that integration happens quickly and operates reliably); and we offer the specialized and customized reporting each of our customers requires.

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