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Single Window Initiative (SWI)

Single Window Initiative (SWI)





The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has published their mid-year list of commodities and programs on which they will focus their audits (compliance verifications) for the balance of the year.

There are 8 new items on the July, 2016 list as follows:

  • Cell Phone Cases

  • Mountings, Fittings & Similar Articles

  • Stone table & Counter Tops

  • Prepared Meat of Swine

  • Live Plants

  • Interchangeable Tools

  • Air Brakes and Parts Thereof

  • Handkerchiefs, Towels & Related Paper Products

CBSA’s verification priorities are carried over from previous years, so the full list actually contains 40 commodities covering the following 3 program areas:

  • Tariff Classification (36/40 items on list)

  • Valuation (2/40)

  •  Origin (2/40)

For a complete list of CBSA’s verification (audit) priorities, click here 

Cole International works diligently every day to ensure that your company is Customs compliant, but CBSA may still chose to audit your company. Be assured that Cole’s Audit Response Unit is ready and able to assist you through a CBSA audit in the event that it happens.

If you import any of the 40 commodities on CBSA’s list, a deeper discussion may be warranted on how these issues may affect you.  Please contact your Cole account representative at the number you have on file or contact us.

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