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Save time, save money and boost the flexibility and responsiveness of your business by putting your U.S. warehousing and distribution needs in the hands of Cole International. Offering customized warehousing solutions and, where needed, customized transportation solutions for a vast variety of clients and businesses, we have the know-how to assist importers, exporters and local companies with all their third-party warehousing and distribution needs.

To serve the unique and time-sensitive demands of the southern U.S. oil & gas industry, Cole International’s Houston branch has the ability to manage export crating on-site and off-site, while also specializing in north and southbound consolidations, haz-mat packing and pick-and-pack fulfillment services including labelling, outdoor and indoor storage and cross-docking.

Service Highlights

  • Export Crating: No matter the size or type of shipment, Cole International will crate, pack and prepare your goods for safe, secure and fully protected transport by air, ocean or ground.
  • Consolidation Services (ColePac and ColeCargo) • We can receive shipments from all around the U.S., consolidate them into single cross-border shipments, and arrange delivery from our facility to your location in Canada.
  • Order Fulfillment Pick & Pack • Offering reliable, responsive order fulfillment services, Cole International will pick, pack and dispatch individual and bulk orders to your customers.
  • Kitting & Tagging • Our professional order fulfillment services include accurate assembly of multiple items into single shipments and pre-shipment tagging of your goods.
  • Deconsolidation & Cross-docking • Rather than shipping internationally from Canada to clients in the U.S., we offer the option of shipping consolidated loads from Canada across the border to our U.S. facilities. We then deconsolidate and deliver the individual shipments to the end consumers around the U.S..
  • Reverse Logistics After-sales Service • Keeping your company as profitable as possible depends on unmatched strength in every link of your supply chain, including moving goods from their ‘final’ destinations for proper disposal or to recapture value.
  • Flexible Storage Solutions • From inside stackable cargo to outside storage for longer items such as pipe, Cole International has storage solutions that fit your needs.


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