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Monitoring CBSA notices

  • Importers will need to monitor their CBSA notices and messages daily.
  • This may require additional resources in some companies depending on how many business units are importing under the company’s 9-digit business number.

Strict penalties

  • Failure to fully pay your statements to CBSA within time limits or maintain appropriate levels of security may result in CBSA restricting your ability to clear goods at the border.
  • Your payables department will need to have access to your CCP account and will need to establish new procedures for reviewing your customs statements and paying CBSA electronically, within regulation guidelines. 
  • Importers will pay CBSA directly for all duties and taxes and pay their customs broker separately for their fees. Confirm that your bank is set up with CBSA for electronic payments.

New internal processes

  • Two contacts will need to be established as the primary and alternate CCP account managers within your organization. 
  • We would recommend the person in your organization interfaces with your customs broker act as the primary and someone in your accounts payable department that will manage your daily and monthly statements and payments to CSBA act as the alternate.

The development and release of this new program is on a very rapid timeline.  Although design and policy has not yet been finalized by CSBA, the agency has released information about many of CARM’s upcoming features, requirements, and functions. 

Keep in mind these may be subject to some change before the full program launches. Please visit this site regularly or subscribe to our CARM e-bulletins for ongoing updates.

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