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Canada and the United States sign a preclearance agreement. The objective of preclearance is to improve and expedite the flow of legitimate trade. More...

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations were held last week in Hawaii. Market access, intellectual property, rules of origin, and textiles where among the topics discussed. More...

EU and Japan hold 9th round of trade talks to consolidate negotiation texts. The round covered most of the areas to be included in the future agreement. More...

Anti-dumping and countervailing duties: why, and how does it work? The process is set in motion when a Canadian producer submits a complaint to the CBSA. More...

Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions

  • Memorandum D2-5-2 Facilities for Passengers Transiting at Canadian International Airports
  • Memorandum D7-2-3 Obsolete or Surplus Goods
  • Memorandum D7-4-1 Duties Relief Program
  • Memorandum D8-2-19 Application of the Investigation Drugs, Placebos and Emergency Drugs Remission Order
  • Memorandum D11-4-20 Procedures for Verifications of Origin Under a Free Trade Agreement
  • Customs Notice 15-005 Highway Sufferance Warehouse Closure (Prince Rupert, British Columbia)
  • EICS Message - April 2015 Softwood Lumber Quotas Now Available
  • CFIA Update to the status of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in the United States
  • CITT Appeal No. AP-2012-009 Classification of  meat and edible offal of the poultry
  • U.S. CBP Recommended Seal Procedures Including Best Practices
  • USDA/FSIS - Effective Date for Foreign Inspection Certificate Requirements

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