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Duties on steel grating from China could expire in April 2016. Tribunal is seeking opinions on whether it should let the finding expire or conduct an expiry review. More...

Canada implements United Nations sanctions on South Sudan. UN sanctions follow the enforcement of other Canadian sanctions in October 2014. More...

CBSA finds dumping would resume if duties expired on sugar from the U.S. and Europe. Tribunal will now determine whether the expiry is likely to result in injury to Canadian industry. More...

WTO reports modest growth of world trade in first quarter of 2015. World exports increased by 0.4% in the first quarter of this year while imports grew by 0.9%. More...

Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions

  • CBSA - SIMA - Refined sugar from the United States, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Expiry Review Decision
  • Customs Notice 15-022 New Import Prohibitions and Requirements for Commercial Importers of Aquatic Species and for Travellers Under the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations
  • Customs Notice 15-021 Amendments to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff
  • Customs Tariff 2015 - T2015-1
  • Memorandum D10-14-37 Determining the Composition of Uppers of Footwear
  • Memorandum D8-3-8 Canadian Civil Aircraft, Canadian Aircraft Engines and Flight Simulators Repaired Abroad
  • Softwood Lumber Products Export Charge Notice SWLN48, Surge Charge - Alberta Region (May 2015)
  • Canada implements UN sanctions on South Sudan
  • Textiles and Clothing Free Trade Agreement Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2015 Imports
  • Textiles and Clothing 2015 Tariff Preference Level Utilization NAFTA Exports
  • CFIA: Importing horses from the United States
  • Ratification of UPOV'91. Canada has ratified the UPOV '91 treaty to improve the plant variety protection system.
  • CITT Expiry No. LE-2015-001 Steel grating from China.
  • WCO: Consequential amendments following the Harmonized System 2017 amendments.
  • Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts From Canada and China: Continuation of the Antidumping Duty Orders

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