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What's happening in the transportation world.

U.S. argues for much lower Canadian retaliation duties in WTO meat labeling dispute.. The WTO Arbitrator will hold meetings with the parties on September 15-16 in Geneva. More...

Australia will introduce new country of origin food labelling rules next year. New detailed system to say where the food was produced, grown, made or packaged. More...

CFIA issues new plant health requirements to prevent the introduction of plant pests. New policies aim to prevent the import of plant pests and streamline the import permit process. More...

International Chamber of Commerce calls for harmonized non-preferential rules of origin. Rules of origin implemented in the country of manufacture should be accepted by the country of import. More...

Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions

  • CBSA - SIMA - Steel Grating from China - Initiation of Expiry Review Investigation
  • Customs Notice 15-031 Update to the Implementation of the Single Window Initiative
  • Memorandum D3-1-3 Commercial Importation of Intoxicating Liquors
  • Memorandum D3-1-5 International Commercial Transportation
  • Memorandum D3-1-8 Cargo – Export Movements
  • Memorandum D3-6-6 Rail Pre-arrival and Reporting Requirements
  • Memorandum D3-7-1 CBSA Marine Operations – Cargo Containers Used in International Service
  • Memorandum D11-8-6 Interpretation of Section 3 of the Imported Goods Records Regulations
  • CRA Form B256 Excise Act, 2001 - Application for Refund/Deduction
  • DFATD -Softwood Lumber exports to U.S. - Export measures will apply from September 1st to 30th
  • Textiles and Clothing Free Trade Agreement Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2015 Imports
  • Textiles and Clothing 2015 Tariff Preference Level Utilization NAFTA Exports
  • CFIA Notice to industry: New plant health requirements to prevent the introduction and spread of plant pests in Canada
  • CFIA Directive D-12-02 Import Requirements for Potentially Injurious Organisms (Other than Plants) to Prevent the Importation of Plant Pests in Canada
  • CFIA Directive D-12-03 Domestic Requirements for Potentially Injurious Organisms (Other than Plants) to Prevent the Spread of Plant Pests Within Canada
  • CFIA Restriction on imports from US States affected by Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI). Arkansas and Montana are now free of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)
  • CFIA - Vesicular stomatitis - Countries that Canada recognizes as being free from the disease

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