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Tribunal to determine if anti-dumping duties on reinforcing bar are in public interest. Home builders in British Columbia claim that the duties are hurting the market in their province. More...

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations were held last week in Maryland. Market access, intellectual property, rules of origin and textiles were among the topics discussed. More...

Canadian rail freight volume up sharply in February. Country's railways carried a total of 25.7 million tonnes in February, up 7.2% from the same month last year. More...

Visitors to Canada will soon require electronic pre-authorization. Except for U.S. citizens, foreign nationals will have to apply for an electronic travel authorization. More...

Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions

  • Memorandum D13-3-5 Treatment of Transportation Costs for Goods Delivered to a Location Outside of Canada for Subsequent Importation
  • Memorandum D13-3-4 Place of Direct Shipment
  • CBSA - SIMA - Whole Potatoes from the U.S. for use or consumption in the province of British Columbia. Expiry Review Decision
  • Textiles and Clothing Free Trade Agreement Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2015 Imports
  • Textiles and Clothing 2015 Tariff Preference Level Utilization NAFTA Exports
  • CFIA Directive D-14-03, May 27, 2015 Phytosanitary import requirements for fresh and dried branches, roots, foliage, flowers, lichens and mosses intended for a use other than propagation and human consumption
  • CFIA Directive D-95-09: Repealed - Importation of Dried Plant Material
  • CFIA Meat Hygiene Directives: MHD 2015-09 Chapter 11 - Dominican Republic
  • CITT Public Interest Inquiry No. PB-2014-001 Concrete reinforcing bar from China, the Republic of Korea and Turkey
  • USDA FSIS Directive 9510.1 Importation of Inedible Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products

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