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What's happening in the transportation world.

Talks on environmental trade agreement progressed in June. A group of WTO members wants to eliminate tariffs on a broad list of green goods. More...

Approved shippers will soon be able to screen air cargo. New rules will reduce delays and costs associated with shipping air cargo on passenger aircraft. More...

Canada announces additional sanctions against Russia, Crimea. New sanctions include a ban on imports and exports from and to the Crimea region of Ukraine. More...

Canadian exporters more confident about international opportunities. EDC survey respondents find low Canadian dollar and U.S. economy resurgence help exports. More...

Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions

  • Customs Notice 15-025 GST Status Code "57" to Include Certain Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Customs Notice 15-024 Amendments to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff
  • Customs Notice 15-023 Interim eManifest Requirements Respecting Empty Highway and Rail Conveyances and In-transit Highway and Rail Conveyances
  • Memorandum D8-2-1 Canadian Goods Abroad Program
  • Textiles and Clothing Free Trade Agreement Tariff Preference Level Utilization 2015 Imports
  • Textiles and Clothing 2015 Tariff Preference Level Utilization NAFTA Exports
  • New WCO Guide to Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing

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